Three Toy Gift Ideas

Made in the USA toys are something near and dear to my heart. We worked really hard to primarily buy US and European made toys for Spencer and we succeeded until he got so obsessed with character stuff and popular toys. I’m not going to deny and obsessed little kid his Buzz Lightyear or Legos just because they are Made in China. That said, I would LOVE to see Disney explore some domestic manufacturing options. It’s not like the quality couldn’t be improved a bit either. Moving on.

Here are three options for toys that are in fact made in the United States.

Patriot Big Wheel Racer ($60) I always wanted one of these when I was a kid, but we never had a big wheel. Luckily some of my friends did. So much fun! We’re seriously considering this for Spencer’s gift this year but he already has a tricycle and a plasma car.

Green Toy’s Airplane ($15) Spencer has a bunch of the Green Toys and he loves them, especially the recycle truck, tool set and kitchen set. Any of those would be great gift ideas. The airplane, seaplane and submarine are new this year. The one thing on my Green Toy wish list is that they would make a slightly more gender neutral tea set. The cookware is blue, green and orange. Why not have a non-pink teapot.

Liberty Puzzles The wooden jigsaw puzzles from Liberty look amazing, especially the Little Liberty line for children. There are animals, classic mother goose photos and a fabulous peter pan series. The puzzles are expensive, but are wooden puzzles and said to be high quality. I adore the vintage feel of the designs. I’m thinking about the Jolly Roger for Spencer. Manufactured in Boulder, CO.


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