Re-Play Made in America Sippy Cups

I am super excited about this find. When my son first started using sippy cups a few years ago, I looked all over for toddler cups that were not made in China and had trouble finding them. We did get some of the Nalgene ones but I was looking for other options too. He has managed to chew through the lids on all of his (cheap Target) cups before we are ready to give sippies up for good.

On the hunt for new options, I found these from Re-Play:

Re-Play Sippy Cups (Made in USA)


Cute and reasonably priced, these cups are made from recycled food grade plastic (milk jugs) in the United States. They have a whole line of toddler eating ware: plates, utensils, cups and divided plates. All of their stock is BPA-free, too! These American-made sippy cups are reasonable priced at $6.95 for a set of two. It may seem expensive compared to a 5 pack of take-and-toss at Target, but it is significantly less expensive than Nalgene‘s $8 per cup (and prices can vary).

They are available for sale on Re-Play’s website but the $6.95 flat rate shipping seems a little spendy unless it is a big order. Wal-Mart is a local retailer for many people and I ordered mine from Re-Play on Amazon and got free shipping through amazon prime.

I will update this post with a review once the cups arrive and we have a chance to use them for a bit.

Update: The cups arrived and the valves are made in China or Thailand, per the packaging.


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