Pinup Girl Clothing – Pinup Couture

I forget when I stumbled across Pinup Girl Clothing, I think I was looking for a party dress and they have dresses a plenty, with a decidedly retro flair. I loved that don’t have to be into a pin-up or rockabilly lifestyle to find something cute (and appropriate for tons of occasions.) Plenty of their dresses would look look great with more conventional styling. Pinup Girl Clothing carries the made in America house brands Pinup Couture, Deadly Dames and Dixiefried.

How cute is this:

Pinup Couture

It feels delightfully Betty Draper. It is also adorable in yellow.

There are also tipsy elephants and lord knows I have a weakness for anything elephant.

Pinup Clothing Edward the Elephant

Elephant shoulders! I die.


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