Maybelline Baby Lips: Made in the USA SPF Lip Balm

I’ve long used lip balms with SPF, but they haven’t always been easy to find. I don’t like the Burt’s Bees one (too waxy!) and used Kiss My Face forever. For some reason, all the places that used to sell it in my town stopped, even the health food store. I tried ordering from the internet, but I either had to order packs with flavors I didn’t like or order a bezillion. I was so excited when Maybelline reformulated (or repackaged, I don’t really know the full scoop) Baby Lips last Fall and did a big rerelease last Fall(ish).

I’d used up my¬†original¬†two and needed to restock and since starting this blog, I check the packing on everything. Imagine my delight to see that Baby Lips was made in the USA! Yay!


Mabelline Baby Lips MADE IN USA lip balm


I haven’t tried all of the variations. My favorite two are Grape Vine (which is pretty clear on my lip color) and Cherry Me which is a fun pinky red. I like the nice pop of color and that it wears off evenly. Also, it’s a balm so it isn’t sticky like a gloss, hard to apply like a stick or long lasting like a stain. These are pros for me personally, your opinion may vary.

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  1. jess bruck says:

    I have 2 young daughters who of course want to wear all the pretty glosses and such that you find at the store. They get stuff from other people all the time for Christmas or Birthdays, but when I read the label and see that it is made in China, I throw it out. Thanks for writing this post! I just ordered my girls the cherry and the peach versions of this stuff thanks to you…They will be so psyched!

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