Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only buy American-made products?
No. I make purchasing American goods a priority, but will buy imported when there is not an acceptable alternative.

Why do you feature some imported products on the blog?
I support small business globally and will happily support a Canadian company producing in Canada, for example. I just try not to buy outsourced products when possible.

How do you find American-made products?
I have found that the two easiest ways to find Made in the USA products are google and in-store. If I know I am looking for something in particular, I might do a search for the product and add “made in the usa” on the end of the search. In store, I always check for the country of origin when it is marked. Some websites make it easy to find American-made products by labeling them clearly. If you have a great American-made product that you make or love, feel free to pass the information along.

Have you tried all of the goods you feature?
No. I’m working on writing up all of the American-made products I own, but featuring only products I own would be limiting and I don’t want to be dependent on product reviews for content. It will be clearly indicated when I have personal experiance with something. Otherwise just think of it as something cool I found on the web.

Do you accept advertising or products for review?
I do not currently accept advertising because I feel the blog is too new to set a rate. I will consider accepting products for view, please contact me at redwhiteandblueish@gmail.com.

How do I submit a photo for the weekly photo series American Views?
Just email the photo or a publicly accessible  link to the photo (flickr, public fb album, blog post, etc.) Please only submit photos for which you have the right to allow this blog to post them. All photo will be credited and also linked to the source where applicable.

Did people really ask you all of the questions?
No. Some friends asked me some of them when I was setting up the blog and I thought preemptively setting up a FAQ would be an easy way to put some additional answers out there in a recognizable format.

Do you use affilate links?
Yes. Any amazon link will be an affilate link. To purchase to product without using an affilate link, open a new window or tab, go to amazon and type the name of the product into their search bar. Links to Fab are pay for sign-up referrals. If someone clicks on a product, signs up and purchases something within a set amount of time I will receive store credit. Once. It is not an ongoing percentage system.


Updated February 2013