Duluth Pack Book Bags

I’ve been looking for an American-made camera bag for quite some time. I stumbled across the Duluth Pack company. They’re based out of Minnesota and make all sorts of bags and gear. The book bag caught my eye. I love how retro it feels, I swear a similar bag graced the cover of one of my Carolyn Haywood books as a kid, it seems like something Betsy would carry.


Made in America Wool Purse

I love it. And because a red plaid bag might not be for everyone (personally, I consider plaid a neutral), it comes in solids, too.

Made in America Wool Book Bags

Size at 11H x 16W x 4D with a capacity of 704 cubic inches, I think it might just work for a camera bag, albeit maybe a small one. This is going on a wishlist for sure. It also comes in the leather and a canvas style sized for laptops.

Oh! And after I finished the this post, I did a quick check and it is indeed like a bag from the Betsy series. I had these old printed cover hardbacks as a kid (all from various friends-of-the-library book sales) and I loved them.

Back to School with Betsy

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