About Me

Hi, I’m Amy and I am dedicated to finding the coolest American-made goods out there. I try my best to buy   American at home, actively seeking out domestic options. The goal of this blog is to curate the best American-made products and make them a little easier to find. Buying Made in America products makes sense, but it doesn’t have to be an aggressively political statement. If you are already buying stuff, look for American-made to start. That’s my philosophy.

To start, I will be reviewing products I have purchased myself and describing products as I find them online. This will be indicated in each post. Product suggestions welcome. Some Canadian or European products maybe be listed, but the country of origin as well as the reason for inclusion will be noted.


I live in Southern California with my husband and preschooler son. I also blog at my personal blog Baby Baby Lemon about life, recipes and crafts that mainly involved chrome spray paint.

Feel free to contact me at redwhiteandblueish@gmail.com